The best maintenance solution for your lifts

  • Finally, you can rest assured that the number of breakdowns will be reduced in the long term.

  • Choose maintenance that combines technical expertise and new technology.

  • Make better decisions with actionable data.

“Everything runs so smoothly. I finally have enough time to focus on other investments”
Charles Boudet -CEO, JLL France

Happy lifts

with WeMaintain

Simplifying lift management

Smoother maintenance

By combining the best of humans and technology, WeMaintain offers true preventive maintenance, which bringing you peace of mind.

68% fewer breakdowns

No more breakdowns and troubles

Our engineers have more time to dedicate to your lifts. Working with our smart devices
means we can detect a problem before it even occurs

60% fewer defects

Satisfaction of your users

Finally, a lift that works continuously, to the delight of your users. Smiles all around.

99% uptime

Human expertise

Human expertise

Our engineers are not just experienced. They also have the best tools and technology to carry out effective preventive maintenance and high quality repairs.

  • Multi-brand experience and specific training.

  • Better working conditions: more autonomy, less equipment to maintain per technician and therefore more time devoted to your elevators.

  • A tailor-made work tool with the WeMaintain application.

and cutting edge technology

The data from your buildings is sent back by our technicians when they work on your installations and via our connected boxes installed on your equipment. With this information and data :

  • Real-time detection of anomalies before users notice them

  • View the status of your equipment and expenses in real time from a single platform.

  • Have all the keys in hand to make the best decisions to optimize your building sustainably.

Your lifts deserve the best

You finally have the power to better manage your buildings!


Optimised supply chain

Spare parts arrive on site faster.

  • Spare parts ordered and delivered 3x faster.

  • Without a middleman, stored locally.

  • Reliable, faster supplier network.

Unbeatable reactivity

Each site has a dedicated technician.

  • An easy way to plan your engineer’s visits.

  • It receives alerts and malfunctions in real time.

  • Maintenance and repairs performed by experienced technicians.

Reduce your costs

Make real and lasting savings.

  • Follow-up of online quotes.

  • Monitor and compare the performance of your equipment.

  • Plan your investments and anticipate your expenses.

Real-time information

Stay in control of your fleet with the WeMaintain platform.

  • An overview of the operations by building and portfolio.

  • Transparency of data: no filter, no intermediary.

  • Compliance and reporting of your lifts.

ESG initiatives

By being B Corp certified, WeMaintain is committed to making a positive impact.

  • Engineers are valued for their know-how and are better paid.

  • Analysis of energy consumption by equipment.

  • Quality maintenance = longer equipment life.

Now that's some useful data.

How does it work?


              1. Initial assessment

              2. Transition

              3. Interventions

              4. Audit Checks

              5. Modernisation

              6. Optimisations

              You will receive a proposal which corresponds to your equipment's specific technical features. If needed, one of our engineers will carry out a free initial assessment and provide you with a detailed report - that means no nasty surprises in the future!

              Initial assessment reports are delivered with photographs before you sign.

              Need help in the decision-making process (support, exchanges with the purchasing department, etc.)? We advise you directly on site or remotely. We can also be accompanied by a dedicated engineer to present their vision on how best to maintain your equipment.

              1 dedicated engineer for each site, who you will meet before or at the beginning of the contract.

              Our team is organised geographically. So with parts stored locally to you and dedicated service teams available for customer support, we can ensure a high level of reactivity.

              More than 72% of our interventions are completed in less than 2 hours.

              Monitor the status of your audit checks on your platform and get live updates.

              100% of the audit checks completed in 6 months.

              From minor repair works to total renovations, we can update your site wherever needed. And we take pride in delivering the highest quality work.

              4.6 / 5 customer satisfaction following a modernisation.

              By improving preventive maintenance, we extend the life of your devices. Thanks to our proprietary sensors designed in-house , we detect malfunctions and can anticipate future expenses.

              1 month to profile the equipment and begin optimisations.

              Now that's some useful data.

              Improve visibility on all fronts

              • Supervision

              • Data

              • Optimisation

              • Efficient and less expensive

              • Anticipate your expenses

              • Audit reports

              • Availability rate

              • Transparency

              • Responsible supply chain

              • Valued Technicians

              • Analysis of your consumption

              Real peace of mind and time savings

              Reduce and plan your costs

              Real-time information

              Improve the lifespan of your equipment

              • Scheduled maintenance and repairs. High-quality guaranteed using the latest technology.

              • Easy scheduling and visit history. Easily schedule visits with technicians.

              • Status and notifications. Receive real-time alerts on the status of your devices.

              • 24/7 monitoring to optimise maintenance

              • In-depth traffic analysis to optimise the flow of people

              • Audit reports: compliance and reporting of your facilities to plan your investments.

              • Availability rate. View your fleet's insights by building and by portfolio.

              • Transparency in the supply chain. Visibility into parts selection and logistics.

              • A responsible supply chain.

              • Valued and better paid technicians.

              • Analysis of your energy consumption by installation.

              Choose your maintenance offer.

              We'll take care of the rest.

              "Much more than maintenance"

              WeMaintain provides us with much more than just maintenance services: access to complete transparency of the maintenance and repair process, detailed analysis of usage for the implementation of preventive maintenance, and customized service for our tenants.

              Sébastien Chemouny, Head of France, Allianz Real Estate

              "The promise is there"

              Whether it's maintenance or work, the promise is there: lifts that work perfectly, services for which the engineer is fully committed, real customer support in case of need for clarification and real-time information for better follow-up. The occupants are happy and my teams gain in efficiency.

              Vincent Zazurca, President, Aream

              "An obvious quality of performance"

              WeMaintain, it is an obvious quality of service, a dedicated engineer, the regularity of his visits and his listening.

              Yvette O. President of the union council

              "Much more fluid"

              Since WeMaintain has been dealing with our lifts, the situation has improved considerably. Today things are much smoother, elevators are no longer the main issue for employees.

              Charles Boudet, CEO, JLL France

              "The best and most reliable"

              They are the best and most reliable elevator maintenance company I have encountered in an industry characterized by many unsatisfactory companies.

              Alison Mooney, Director, Westbury residential

              "8 times less breakdowns"

              The first results of WeMaintain's intervention were very quick, we noticed a drop in breakdowns. 8 times less breakdowns on the park and above all a better communication with the users.

              Bertrand Camilli, Director of Real Estate Operations, AG2R

              "Peace of mind for our tenants"

              The presence of WeMaintain is a peace of mind for both our tenants and our teams. Everything has become much easier to manage, we have no more solicitations and our tenants are happy, so that's the main thing! These very detailed analyses of tenant or building behavior are very important to us. It allows us to anticipate and to be always on top of the needs.

              Fabrice Lombardo, Director of Real Estate Activities Swiss Life Asset Managers France

              "There's no more frustration."

              Lifts are a strategic element in BPI's buildings. Today, thanks to WeMaintain, there is no more frustration.

              Paul-François Fournier, Vice President, BPI France


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