Put your buildings in good hands

  • WeMaintain maintains your technical equipment.

  • Manage your equipment from a single platform.

  • Make the best decisions to improve the user experience.

Solving the problems you've been facing for too long.

No more breakdowns or problems

WeMaintain believes that by combining modern technology and human expertise, we can offer an authentic preventive maintenance solution. Our results speaks for themselves.

68% fewer breakdowns

Satisfaction of your users

Predictive maintenance improves the performance of equipment, to the delight of your users.

60% fewer defects

Make your life easier

Simply manage all your devices with WeMaintain.

99% uptime

Human expertise

Human expertise

Our engineers are not just experienced. They also have the best tools and technology to carry out effective preventive maintenance and high quality repairs.

  • Multi-brand experience and specific training.

  • Better working conditions: more autonomy, less equipments to maintain per engineer and therefore more time devoted to your buildings.

  • A tailor-made work tool with the WeMaintain application.

and cutting edge technology

The data from your buildings comes back from the field through our engineers and via our connected boxes installed on your equipment. With this data:

  • Real-time detection of anomalies before users notice them

  • Access your data on your dashboard and view reports on your platform.

  • Customised advice to extend the lifespan of the equipment and reduce energy consumption.

Choose a more effective maintenance plan

Giving you the power to manage your buildings your way!


Regain control

Have access to all your equipment data at a glance, receive unfiltered reports, have a dedicated contact person...Everything is easier!

  • Analyse traffic and occupancy rates

  • View data by equipment, building and portfolio

  • Tool for monitoring the lifting of reservations

Optimise your services

Efficient equipment improves user satisfaction. You are accompanied and informed to best meet their expectations.

  • Customized communication

  • Live alert in case of anomalies and breakdowns

  • Adaptation and regulation of traffic

Reduce your costs

Your equipment is better maintained and controlled thanks to technology. Their lifespan is extended and their use optimized!

  • Track your expenses online

  • Recommendations on how to adapt your CapEX spending plans

  • A supply chain that guarantees more transparency and cheaper spare parts

Improve the lifespan of your equipment

By being B Corp certified, WeMaintain is committed to having a positive impact on society. WeMaintain helps its customers to reduce the energy consumption of their equipment.

  • Monitor and optimise your energy consumption

  • Quality maintenance that extends the life of your equipment

  • A supply chain that optimises travels and limits waste

Making the switch to WeMaintain is faster than you think

You finally have the power to better manage your buildings!


1. Initial assessment

You receive a commercial proposal corresponding to the technical characteristics. If necessary, a technician carries out a free inventory of fixtures, which is transmitted to you, in order to prepare the resumption of the maintenance as well as possible.

Inventory reports, with photos, transmitted before signature.

2. Transition

Need help in the decision process (support, exchanges with the purchasing department)? We can advise you in person or online. We can also be accompanied by the dedicated engineer so that they can present you their vision of the maintenance of your equipment.

1 designated engineer for each site, who you will meet before or at the beginning of the contract.

3. Interventions

Our interventions are organised geographically. Our supply team is working hard to ensure that parts are available quickly so that we can be reactive.

+72% of our interventions are completed in less than 2 hours.

Access maintenance that creates value

You finally have the power to better manage your buildings!


Multi-brand parts catalog


Delivered by bike in less than 2 hours by our partner


Reports and quotes in one click.


Online support and dedicated contact person


Directly schedule your next visit online.


Average response time: to be met within your agreed SLAs.


Real-time status reports for reactive interventions.


Order spare parts 3 times faster.


We cut out the middleman and are consistantly working on new methods to improve this and make it more efficient.


Audit reports in one click


Online support team available 24/7.


Directly schedule your next visit online.


Average response time: to be met within your agreed SLAs.


Real-time status reports for reactive interventions.

Choose your maintenance offer.

We'll take care of the rest.


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